Court Case
Today the veterans and fraternal organizations made oral comments before the tenth district court of appeals in the lawsuit against the State of Ohio regarding the legality of charitable video raffles.  The Ohio Attorney General’s attorney also made comments in opposition. 

Former Ohio Supreme Count Justice Andy Douglas argued on behalf of the veterans and fraternals.

The three judge panel consisted of judges Betsy Luper Schuster, Bill Klatt and Jennifer Brunner.  The judges asked both Mr. Douglas and the AG attorney several questions regarding each side’s position on why the raffle machines do or do not meet the definition of a raffle.  

The Attorney General’s office argued that the machines do not meet the definition of a raffle because the tickets are drawn before they are actually sold to the customer.  The AG also argued that the machines meet the definition of a slot machine, making them illegal in veterans and fraternal locations.

Mr. Douglas argued that current Ohio law already permits video raffles and that the video raffle machines the organizations are using meet the legal definition of a raffle.  Mr. Douglas pointed out that Ohio law specifically prohibits video forms of certain types of charitable gaming such as instant bingo, but there is not such prohibition on raffles, therefore video raffles are legal.  He also pointed out that there is no requirement in the law that the raffle drawing must take place after the tickets are sold.

The judges are expected to make a ruling in the next several months.

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